Nov 13

Beware when you give a gun to the kids to play, is nothing compare to give them a machine gun.

SEnuke is a power – full machine gun. While automatic use as semi-automatic it’s my advise.

Nowhere you find a real how-to step-by-step instruction. The only videos you will find are click here, or click there. But common make sense instruction no one really give to you even you pay for that. Many business owner who like to rank their website better SEO-wise they outsourcing to SEO gurus. SEO company are self train pros who have knowledge about website structure, website optimization, proper keywords research or Google Adwords and other tools, usefully skills. Some folks buying SEnuke for almost $2000 and try to figure-up this software for months and later they give-up with ineffective use of this program. While focus on business operation and conversion business owners have to learn SEnuke.   My advise is to outsource SEO ranking for marketing to professional firm.

SEO website ranking outsourcing company dose’t have to be size of Google or Yahoo to have the job done. If your marketing budget is less than $120K/year some small company’s they can get job done as well as the large counterparts.

Consider that many of the Search Engine Optimization tools are from free to $2000 to use; you need only knowledge and time to make use of them.


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