Jun 03

Reach people on the go with Mobile Advertising

What are Mobile Ads?

  • Mobile ads are shown to people searching and browsing the internet on smartphones
  • They have the potential to reach people whereever they access the internet on their phone

Why use Mobile Ads?

  • Reach a growing segment of the search market
  • Reach people in the real world with location targeting
    – show people ads relevant to ‘where’ they are
  • Up to 30%* of searches have local intent
    – increase footfall to bricks and mortar businesses
  • More and more people are buying
    smartphones and tablets
  • They are searching for your products
  • Be sure that you are there to meet them

What are the benefits of using Mobile Ads?

  1. After searching with a smartphone, 9 out of 10* people take some      form of action
  2. After researching on a smartphone, 77%** of people contacted a      business
  3. As a result of using a smartphone, 74%*** made a purchase
  4. They offer a range of mobile extensions: sitelinks to drive people      deeper into your site, ads for specific products, click-to-call ads,      location extensions, offer ads to drive people to store


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