May 19

Research showed that customers who create content like blogging receive the
following benefits:

▪ 409% more indexed pages

▪ 57% more website visitors

▪ 96% more inbound links

▪ 69% more median monthly leads (B2B)

▪ 86% more median monthly leads (B2C)

Get help. There could be numerous reasons keeping you from blogging: don’t have the time, not a good writer, don’t know what to blog about.

Don’t let the success or styles of others hold you back.
Stand out. Don’t be a copycat. Create content or blog about the things you get
involved. Share your ideas, problems you have in the past or how to solve them.

andeMarketing is online Marketing Web Blogger; if you are
small to medium company we can professionally organize, create, and posts blogs
for your business.


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