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Paid search with Trada makes advertising online easy. In Trada’s crowdsourced PPC marketplace, you han have multiple paid search experts working on your campaign at the same time. Ads run on Google Adwords, Yahoo and Bing – and there are no fees.

Video transcript:

This is Niel. He runs a successful scarf manufacturing company. (BIG RED SCARVES).

Niel knows that the best way to promote his company and sell more scarves is to advertise online on Google, Yahoo and Bing.

But paid search is time-consuming and confusing. How can Niel think of all the search terms a potential scarf-wearer might use to find his product? And in order to be successful at paid search, he needs to spend hours every day adjusting bid prices, writing zillions of custom ads and strategizing. If he doesn’t do the best possible job, his competitors will rank above him while paying less. It’s the truth about paid search: unless you do it right, you might as well not do it at all.
But what if Niel could hire someone to do it for him?

What if Niel could hire a whole crowd of people to do it for him?

A whole bunch of paid search experts work on the Big Red Scarves campaign at the same time. They’re humans, and they each have their own strategy. Collectively, they have the diversity of thinking and time to optimize Niel’s campaign better than he ever could on his own.

Here’s how it works.

Niel works with Trada to determine an optimal bid price for a click, and for a conversion. In Niel’s case, this is a scarf sale on his website.

Niel launches his campaign in the Trada Marketplace. Right away, Trada’s Optimizers join Niel’s campaign and begin generating huge numbers of keywords and custom ads. And they don’t stop there. They constantly optimize Niel’s campaign to improve performance and generate more sales: stuff that Niel wouldn’t have the time to do.

Ads begin running on the Google, Yahoo and Bing Search Networks, and when an Optimizer’s ad gets a click or a sale for less than Niel’s stated bid price, she gets paid.

Here’s how.

Remember that Niel worked with trada to determine an optimal bid price for a click, and for a conversion? Optimizers work to get clicks and conversions below these prices. When they do, they keep the difference.

There are no setup fees and no monthly fees. It’s all pay-for-performance.

With the crowd of Optimizers working for him, Niel can get back to the important stuff – running Big Red Scarves.

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    lookin’ good!

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