Aug 19

This is like installous for android!
This is definitely the easiest way to get free paid apps onto your android!
No root needed! No computer needed! Just right off your android device!

Instructions on how to download applanet:
1. Go to your browser/internet on your android
2. In the bar address type in and tap search
3. Install the application.

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Duration : 0:7:5

[youtube zIVZXPxE9G0]

25 Responses to “Easiest way to get free paid apps onto any android device! No Computer Needed!”

  1. howtomen Says:

    @musat2001 umm the …
    @musat2001 umm the app is down for and it will be back up some of these days

  2. musat2001 Says:

    Applanet market …
    Applanet market doesnt work no wifi connection but i have wifi connection lol!!!

  3. CallOfDuty6Maniac Says:

    it is not banned it …
    it is not banned it has been shut to update to 3.0 with every app

  4. chunkymonkeyization Says:

    It is a crashed app …
    It is a crashed app now it has been banned

  5. horace411528 Says:

    Does this really …
    Does this really work?
    I better try it….

  6. howtomen Says:

    @boogalach well i …
    @boogalach well i am not really sure yet becuz the creator of applanet hasn’t said a date yet but i believe it should go back up by this month.

  7. boogalach Says:

    when do you reckon …
    when do you reckon this will be up and working again?

  8. 00Darkbleach Says:

    Oh ok thx.
    Oh ok thx.

  9. howtomen Says:

    @00Darkbleach the …
    @00Darkbleach the app is down right now becuz of its server

  10. 00Darkbleach Says:

    Its keeps on saying …
    Its keeps on saying there’s and error. I have the Epic 4G what should I do?

  11. howtomen Says:

    @xXShyGuyzXx works …
    @xXShyGuyzXx works on any android

  12. xXShyGuyzXx Says:

    will this work on …
    will this work on the xperia play?? Please Answer Back

  13. ilikeodalis Says:

    @howtomen ohh well
    @howtomen ohh well

  14. howtomen Says:

    @ilikeodalis oh …
    @ilikeodalis oh well applanet is down because there working on an update

  15. ilikeodalis Says:

    @howtomen well my …
    @howtomen well my bad i just have the tendency to make sure it works nd app planet didnt relly work watz wrong wit it

  16. howtomen Says:

    @ilikeodalis lol …
    @ilikeodalis lol the phone in this video is the mytouch 4g! its just rooted and its running a sense rom! so yes it will

  17. ilikeodalis Says:

    will diz work on a …
    will diz work on a mytouch 4g

  18. 1337madness Says:

    @howtomen lol np

    @howtomen lol np

  19. howtomen Says:

    @1337madness lol …
    @1337madness lol thanks

  20. 1337madness Says:

    7 swedish kr is 1 …
    7 swedish kr is 1 dollar answer for youre searching lol

  21. howtomen Says:

    @63669618 Im not …
    @63669618 Im not positive but the creator says it is

  22. 63669618 Says:

    @howtomen are you …
    @howtomen are you sure about that?

  23. howtomen Says:

    @63669618 in about …
    @63669618 in about 1-2 days

  24. howtomen Says:

    @awesomelad666 ok …
    @awesomelad666 ok soo i guess i was wrong on that! but he says that the app is going back up in 1 or 2 days

  25. 63669618 Says:

    @howtomen when does …
    @howtomen when does it work again?

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