Jun 12

Someone who designs websites for eye, call them artist. The smart webdesign are done by webdeveloper the website who not only looks good, but also works. Using the latteral process here I subscribe the evolution to design great website.

1. Ideas

a. Product, service, work

b. Goals

c. Setting budget

d. Writing plan

2. Offsite marketing ideas

a. Offsite marketing

b. E-mail campaign (to old clients, friends, family with questions for likes & opinions)

3. Good web-developer

a. Developer with SEO background

b. Web-master

c. SEO company

3. Material

a. Keywords

b. Context

c. Hook (opt-outs to generate leads)

d. HD pictures

Check those 14 points you have to have on your website

– home

– about

– info

– contact

– footer

– call to action

– search

– site map

– logo

– privacy policy

– Google analitics


– language

– H1 title

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