Jun 17

Andemarketing in the newest offer rolling out a new website template options where one template does all. This new website template will works with all media for desktop, tablet and smartphone. For mobile users the smartphone template are design in both vertical and horizontal. New customers have a three options:

1. Purchase newly design website, with none share design.

2. Purchase newly design website template, with share design

3.  Free: Have newly design website template with share template for free with 12 months service with Pay For Search Management or Search Engine Management.

New website design template for desktop, tablet and smartphoneThis is new website design for desktop, tablet and smartphone.

In ordering website design clients have options to supply their own images, context or video.

This ultra e-responsive website template include many layout options – each is optimized for proper screen resolution, high definition pictures, HTML plus JS Animation (smartphone friendly) . This template design are of many width options included, but the major ones are for desktops, tablet and smartphones screens both in vertical & horizontal design.

Webdesign as new and also as re-design of old sites are part of our Search Engine Marketing Program.

Andemarketing recommending their clients to make refreshments of the website in this order:

– Static design at list once every 1-3 moths, the minimum is once a year.

– Blog type of website need to be refreshed from once a-day to at list every two weeks.

– Social Media three times a-week

– Images new original picture replaced the old one on site every month.

– Video; new video at list once a year on site replaced old one.

– Content for the website is the King, this can be replaced every day specially in the news section.

Above recommendations are only part of today’s website optimization job, there are more and more tasks we have in this challenging market where competitions are really tough. In the one of my favor book: Ben Hunt’s “Convert!” he wrote; “ the best SEO is no SEO” ..meaning we have to start SEO with promptly design our web-pages”

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