Oct 09

 Mobile will be the #1 game changer
for you in 2012.


Mobile searches have grown 500% over the past two years.
Every day, more and more smartphone users search for products and services on the go. As a web owner, you already know the importance of mobile, and recognize that it presents a huge opportunity for you.



Drive Performance and Build Brands With Mobile


61% of mobile users call a business after searching for it, and 59% visit the store location. Advertisers can now easily show customers where exactly their business is located, give the user directions, and provide a phone number for customers to click on – all within a mobile ad.

So What’s Next?

1. Learn more at how-to-go mobile.
2. Start creating mobile websites. We can help you.
3. Start your clients advertising on mobile. Here’s how.

Go Mobile Today






Sep 09

What is search engine marketing or SEM? What is search engine optimization or SEO? This is not intended to be a detailed explanation. This is an intro for business owners who are trying to learn what all of this stuff is!

Duration : 0:8:15

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Sep 04

http://www.1and1.com In this webinar 1&1 Internet’s Aaron Nye and Ryan Hayes explain how you can use Search Engine Marketing to help grow your business.

Google has become a multi-billion dollar company on the success of search engine marketing. Now it’s time for you to put this powerful tool to use for your business.

In this presentation we will cover:

Basic overview of search engine marketing
How to use pay-per-click marketing to drive more traffic to your website
Best practices to help increase your return on investment
Tips for writing good ad copy

Download the slides from SlideShare: http://1a1s.us/24

* Recorded live on August 11, 2011. Register & view the schedule for upcoming webinars on http://www.1and1.com

Duration : 0:52:43

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Aug 30

http://searchenginemarketingbendigo.com/ Search Engine Marketing Bendigo training video on competitor analysis why that is important for better online Bendigo business marketing.

Duration : 0:10:0

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Aug 28

Where can I get a chart showing the search engine marketing relationships for Europe (a la Bruce Clay for US). I would like an online chart showing search engine relationships for paid and natrural listings for UK, France, Italy, Germany and Spain similar to the one that Bruce Clay does for the US http://www.bruceclay.com/searchenginerelationshipchart.htm

Go to alexa .com they have all kind of graphs there

Aug 26

http://searchenginemarketingbendigo.com/ Search Engine Marketing Bendigo training video on calculating your website’s page count and why that is important for better online Bendigo business marketing.

Duration : 0:5:57

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Aug 23

I don’t mind spending for quality. I want my sites to crawlable by search engines, and if possible I want the plugin to complete seo optimization


I possess a handful of blogs myself and I think you should take a look here: http://dominateseowithwordpress.com You’ll find it’s a very nice tool that can bring you a lot more visitors.

Hope this help

Aug 22

http://search-engine-marketing-melbourne.com/ Search Engine Maketing Melbourne Training video on how to find and assess where your customers or searchers are coming from when they type your Melbourne business, product or service into Google.

Duration : 0:11:28

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Aug 19

http://search-engine-marketing-melbourne.com/ Search Engine Marketing Melbourne training video on how to find and research keywords for your online marketing campaigns to get your Melbourne business found on Google searches.

Duration : 0:12:21

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Aug 16

Excerpts from Module 1 of this 6 Module Search Engine Marketing webinar. Even if you have taken other industry courses, this curriculum builds on your base knowledge in a very practical way, with detailed guidance and examples on all key elements of the discipline, informed by today’s marketplace in light of years of experience. Visit www.LaredoGroupWebinars.com for more information.

Duration : 0:15:1

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