Aug 16

Jeff Ferguson is the CEO of Fang Digital. (

Here are some free tools that can help you with your paid search campaign.


Docstoc is the largest online collection of business and legal documents to help you grow and manage your small business and professional life.

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Aug 12

In spite of the innovations and features that Bing has brought to search, it appears to be struggling on the paid search front. WebProNews spoke recently with Mark Ballard, the Senior Analyst at the Rimm-Kaufman Group who said that the company needed to ramp up its platform for advertisers.

Microsoft and Yahoo partnered in a search alliance 2 years ago in an effort to better compete with Google. However, neither company has shown a tremendous amount of improvement.

Ballard told us that he was pulling for Bing but that it needed to make some changes to better meet advertisers needs.

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Aug 07

Jeff Ferguson is the CEO of Fang Digital. (

Having a solid paid search strategy will allow you to spend more and make more money from paid searches.


Docstoc is the largest online collection of business and legal documents to help you grow and manage your small business and professional life.

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Aug 02

This is the extended version of Thoughtful China host Trevor Lai’s interview with T.R. Harrington, who founded Darwin Marketing in Shanghai in 2005. A specialist in China’s paid search optimization, natural search optimization, social media and affiliate marketing, he shares valuable insights about the rumors that Facebook’s preferred local partner in China is Baidu, by far the country’s leading search provider, as well as his views about which companies would serve as a better partner for Facebook in China.

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Jul 27

PPC Kickoff: Getting Started With Paid Search
What is Pay Per Click (PPC)?
Pay Per Click (also known as search engine marketing, SEM, or search advertising) is an Internet advertising model where advertisers run text ads on search networks (like Google and Yahoo/Bing), and pay each time an ad is clicked. Advertisers bid on keywords — words or phrases they hope a user will type in to a search engine — and ads appear alongside organic search results.
The moment a user enters a keyword into a search engine, an instant auction takes place behind the scenes determining which advertisers’ ads will be displayed and in which order. The auction takes into account not only the bid price, but also the ad’s relevance to the query and several other relevancy and quality-related criteria.
Quality Score is Google’s way of determining which ad is the most relevant, and the Yahoo/Bing Search Alliance has a similar model. The relevance of the keyword to the ad and search query, the quality of your landing page, and click-through-rate are just some of the many factors that go in to calculating Quality Score. Paying attention to your Quality Score is crucial to help you rank well for keywords without spending a fortune.

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Jul 21

Story Worldwide is a post-advertising agency. In essence, we believe that advertising-as-interruption is over. We connect brands to customers by telling engaging and entertaining stories that audiences actually want to hear.

This film explains our philosophy in 90 seconds.

Too lazy to watch a film? Read the script:


This seems obvious, even though it was controversial until recently: Brand is story.

First, you have to find the core story at the heart of your brand —what we call the Story Platform. Create narratives based on it and publish those narratives across all relevant media in weird and wonderful ways.

As each story is published, it needs to be syndicated and shared with it’s intended audience where they are most likely to encounter those stories. Then use paid media —— TV spots,events, paid search and so on — to let people know your content is out there.

The content has to be easy for people to share so everyone can help spread the brand’s stories.
To make sure your audience can find your content when searching, make sure everything is tagged and optimized appropriately.
So it goes, round and round, driving results and effectiveness up, up, up while driving media spend down, down, down.

The best part comes next: Sustained by the brand’s storytelling, the brand’s fans add, syndicate and share their own content —— comments, links, ratings, and entirely new versions —— and all this brand-inspired content —— whether new stories or conversation about old ones —— creates more marketing momentum for free, forever.
The result of rigorously following this path is a permanent market advantage for the brand——lower total cost of marketing; higher impact.
All you need is to make sure you’ve got your story straight.

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Jul 15

Dive deep into Google Analytics to reveal trends and insights about your CPC Paid Search traffic. Follow along as you are guided through key reports, and analysis functions you can perform to learn about your Paid Search visitors.

Advanced features are used throughout the demonstrations in this video, so you may need to review the previous three sessions in the Analytics for Agencies series.

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Jul 10

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So how do you do it? It’s simple:

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Can you honestly think of an easier way to earn-online? I doubt it! Browse the web and get paid

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Jul 06

popchips is searching for Ashton Kutcher’s vp of pop culture — a one-year paid term offering a $50,000 salary, and the chance work with popchips and Ashton in official pop culture business.

the video submissions phase has now ended. but the polls are still open! pop over to to vote for your favorites!

check out Ashton’s campaign manager Guillermo from the Jimmy Kimmel Live as he helps search for candidates now through march 9th.

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Jul 02

Does paid search work for luxury brands?

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