Sep 28

No No SEO or PPC

We have a new way advertisers can advertise their product on internet.



If you find out that SEO or PPC is not enough, what is your next move?

If you trying PPC but the competitors are there than what?

SEO is time consuming and you have a new product, what then?

A new way to advertise is rent a keyword

We can rent you a keyword where is no competition because we rent to first come person.

You can have keyword with one word or more (long tail keyword)

Your position on the top of first page is guaranteed.

Over 100 millions subscribers.

We can rent one keyword or ten annually subscriptions with option to extend for more years.

You can rent keyword like: “insurance”, “tea”, “auto” (if available), check with us today: contact us HERE


Jun 03

Reach people on the go with Mobile Advertising

What are Mobile Ads?

  • Mobile ads are shown to people searching and browsing the internet on smartphones
  • They have the potential to reach people whereever they access the internet on their phone

Why use Mobile Ads?

  • Reach a growing segment of the search market
  • Reach people in the real world with location targeting
    – show people ads relevant to ‘where’ they are
  • Up to 30%* of searches have local intent
    – increase footfall to bricks and mortar businesses
  • More and more people are buying
    smartphones and tablets
  • They are searching for your products
  • Be sure that you are there to meet them

What are the benefits of using Mobile Ads?

  1. After searching with a smartphone, 9 out of 10* people take some      form of action
  2. After researching on a smartphone, 77%** of people contacted a      business
  3. As a result of using a smartphone, 74%*** made a purchase
  4. They offer a range of mobile extensions: sitelinks to drive people      deeper into your site, ads for specific products, click-to-call ads,      location extensions, offer ads to drive people to store


Nov 15

Great event on this year 2012 SES Chicago.

Over 500 attendants from all over the globe, we saw people from Europe, Asia, Australia, North America as well South America. SES Conference Agenda has been carefully arranged, for the experienced advertising and marketing professionals.

List of speakers highlight:

  • Nii Ahene; Co-Founder & COO – CPC Strategy
  • Benu Aggarwal; Founder & President – Milestone Internet Marketing
  • Jonathan Allen; Director – Search Engine Watch
  • Tim Ash; CEO –
  • Matthew Bailey; SES Advisory Board; President – Site Logic Marketing
  • Evan Bailyn; CEO – First Page Sage
  • Jonathan Ball; VP Business Development – Page One Power
  • Anne Baum; Account Director – Location3 Media
  • Chris Boggs; SES Advisory Board; Director – Rosetta
  • Mel Carson; Founder – Delightful Communications
  • Mikel Chertudi; SES Advisory Board; Senior Director of Marketing – Adobe
  • Bruce Clay; President – Bruce Clay, Inc.
  • Paul Corkery; SMB Operations Program Manager, Search Platform & Tools – Microsoft Advertising
  • Thom Craver; Senior Technical SEO Manager – TopRank
  • Dan Cristo; Director of SEO Innovation – Catalyst Online
  • Raj De Datta; Co-founder and CEO – BloomReach
  • Michael DeHaven; Product Manager, SEO – Bazaarvoice
  • Andrew Delamarter; Director of Search Marketing – HUGE, Inc.
  • Seth Dotterer; VP of Marketing – Conductor Inc.
  • Noran El-Shinnawy; Digital Marketing Expert
  • Eric Enge; President – Stone Temple Consulting
  • Erin Everhart; Director of Web Marketing – 352 Media Group
  • Justin Freid; Media Director, TPG – An Omnicom Company
  • Aaron Friedman; SEO Manager – Spark
  • Todd Friesen; SEO Director – Salesforce
  • Nicholas Gadacz; Director of Product – Marin Software
  • John Gagnon; Bing Evangelist, Microsoft Products, Microsoft Advertising
  • Rob Garner; VP of Strategy – iCrossing
  • James Green; CEO – Magnetic
  • Mike Grehan; Group Publishing Director, Interactive, Search Engine Watch / ClickZ / SES
  • Andrew Goodman; SES Advisory Board; President – Page Zero Media
  • Danny Goodwin; Associate Editor – Search Engine Watch
  • Diran Hafiz; Director of Mobile – Comscore
  • Jenny Halasz; President & Co-Founder – Archology Inc.
  • Dax Hamman; Chief Revenue Officer – Chango
  • Christopher Hansen; President – Netmining
  • Christopher Hart; Director of Account Management and Client Services – BlueGlass Interactive, Inc.
  • Bill Hartzer; Director of Search Engine Optimization – StandingDog Interactive
  • Simon Heseltine; Director of SEO – AOL Inc.
  • Jeremy Hull; Associate Director of Paid Search – iProspect
  • Bill Hunt; SES Advisory Board; President – Back Azimuth Consulting
  • Duran Inci; Co-Founder and COO –
  • Greg Jarboe; President & Co-founder – SEO-PR
  • Ping Jen; Product Manager – Microsoft Advertising and Publisher Solutions
  • Ryan Jones; SEO Manager – Sapient
  • Aaron Kahlow; CEO & Founder – Online Marketing Institute
  • Gagan Kanwar; Director of Partnerships and Research – Marin Software
  • Sundeep Kapur; Digital Evangelist – NCR Corp.
  • Jeff Katz; CEO – Wize Commerce
  • Avinash Kaushik; Digital Marketing Evangelist – Google
  • Chris Keating; VP, SEO and Conversion Optimization – Performics
  • Anne F. Kennedy; SES Advisory Board; International Search Strategist, Author – Beyond Ink USA
  • Brad Keown; General Manager of Marketing Solutions – Facebook
  • Chris King; Associate Director, SEO, TBWA/Chiat/Day
  • Arnie Kuenn; President – Vertical Measures
  • Peter La Motte; President – GeniusRocket
  • Anna Lee; Conference Producer, SES Conference & Expo
  • Brian Lewis; CEO, Solutions-insight Interactive
  • Scott Linzer; Head of Search Agency Development – Quantcast
  • Melissa Mackey; Search Supervisor, gyro
  • Sean Malseed; Vice President of Strategic Development, SEMrush
  • Eric Mason; Director of Communications & Tech Evangelism, Wix
  • Josh McCoy; Lead Strategist – Vizion Interactive
  • Matt McGowan; Managing Director, Americas – Incisive Media
  • Adam Melson; SEO Team Manager, SEER Interactive
  • Bryson Meunier; Director, Content Solutions, Resolution Media
  • Miranda Miller; Lead Writer – Search Engine Watch
  • Merry Morud; Online Marketing Account Manager – aimClear
  • Bill Mungovan; Director of Product Strategy, Advertising Solutions, Adobe
  • Natalie Ney; Client Services Manager, iProspect
  • Lee Odden; SES Advisory Board; CEO, TopRank Online Marketing
  • Greg Ott; CMO, Demandbase
  • James Paden; VP of Product, Compendium

PROGRAM: SES Day 1 – Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Maximizing the Effectiveness of LinkedIn to Generate More Qualified Leads Online

Jasmine Sandler, CEO, Agent-cy

Winning PPC Tactics
Melissa Mackey, Search Supervisor, gyro
Natalie Ney, Client Services Manager, iProspect

Mobile Marketing Optimization
Gagan Kanwar, Director of Partnerships and Research, Marin Software
Geoff Tam-Scott, SR Product Manager – Mobile, NBC

The Age of Big Data and the Modern Marketer
Seth Dotterer, VP of Marketing, Conductor Inc.

Link Building the Right Way
Brent Payne, CEO, BaldSEO
Chuck Price, President & CEO, Measurable SEO

Mastering the Four Crucial Ingredients for Successful Landing Pages
Raj De Datta, Co-founder and CEO, BloomReach
Brian Lewis, CEO, Solutions-insight Interactive

Beyond Engagement: Harnessing the Power of Social Media
Mel Carson, Founder, Delightful Communications

Introduction to Analytics
Thom Craver, Senior Technical SEO Manager, TopRanks

Meaningful SEO Analytics
Chris Keating, VP, SEO and Conversion Optimization, Performics

Activating the Social-Search Dynamic
Bill Mungovan, Director of Product Strategy, Advertising Solutions, Adobe

Keys to Success with B2B Video
Greg Jarboe, President & Co-founder, SEO-PR
Peter La Motte, President, GeniusRocket

ClickZ Express Clinic: Optimizing Video for Maximum Visibility
Greg Jarboe, President & Co-founder, SEO-PR

SES Day 2 – Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Tuesday | Thursday ]

SEO Tools of the Trade
Duran Inci, Co-Founder and COO,

Spy vs. Spy: Unlocking Your Competitor’s Digital Strategy
Adam Melson, SEO Team Manager, SEER Interactive
Sean Malseed, Vice President of Strategic Development, SEMrush

Demand Generation: Building the B2B Social Media Machine
Adriel Sanchez, Senior Director, Demand Generation, SAP

Building a Massive Customer Base through Content-Driven SEO
Evan Bailyn, CEO, First Page Sage

Insider Tips for Ad Optimization
Richard Stokes, Founder & CEO, AdGooroo

Putting Your Money Where It Counts: Winning Attribution Models
James Green, CEO, Magnetic

Ecommerce Site Nightmares…and Solutions
Jeff Katz, CEO, Wize Commerce

Paid Search Analysis and Multi-Touch Attribution
Jonathan Treiber, CEO, RevTrax

Screw Link Building, It’s Called Relationship Building
Erin Everhart, Director of Web Marketing, 352 Media Group
Katherine Watier, VP of Online Strategy and Market Insights, Ketchum PR

The Facebook Exchange: Real-Time Bidding and Best Practices
Mike Winters, VP of Accounts, Triggit

Navigating the Google Ecommerce Landscape
Nii Ahene, Co-Founder & COO, CPC Strategy

SES Day 3 – Thursday, November 15, 2012

Tuesday | Wednesday ]

Successful In-House SEO
Dave Rohrer, Senior SEO Strategist, Covario

Leveraging Twitter and Facebook Ads
Justin Freid, Media Director, TPG, An Omnicom Company

Crossing the Digital Divide: The Leap from Search to Display
Chad Porter, Director of Advertiser Operations, myThings

Web Analytics Deep Dive
Thom Craver, Senior Technical SEO Manager, TopRank

The Convergence of Search, Social, and Content Marketing
Arnie Kuenn, President, Vertical Measures

SEO & Website Migrations: How to Have a Smooth Transition
Josh McCoy, Lead Strategist, Vizion Interactive

Sell Without Selling: The Real Secret to Content Marketing Success
Adam Proehl, Owner/Principal, Web Strategy Consultant, NordicClick Interactive


This great event are planed around the planet in different countries. For more information visit there link:


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Oct 09

 Mobile will be the #1 game changer
for you in 2012.


Mobile searches have grown 500% over the past two years.
Every day, more and more smartphone users search for products and services on the go. As a web owner, you already know the importance of mobile, and recognize that it presents a huge opportunity for you.



Drive Performance and Build Brands With Mobile


61% of mobile users call a business after searching for it, and 59% visit the store location. Advertisers can now easily show customers where exactly their business is located, give the user directions, and provide a phone number for customers to click on – all within a mobile ad.

So What’s Next?

1. Learn more at how-to-go mobile.
2. Start creating mobile websites. We can help you.
3. Start your clients advertising on mobile. Here’s how.

Go Mobile Today




Sep 09

This video demonstrates how our competitive intelligence tool can help you:

– Benchmark your SEO/PPC campaigns against your competitors.
– Put together your PPC search budgets.
– Identify competitor’s long tail search terms.
– Analyse the search gaps in your SEO/PPC campaigns.

Duration : 0:7:33

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Sep 04

Agency Metrics That Matter

In paid search marketing, one thing is painfully clear: success relies on good data, and good data can be hard to find. Search marketers use data points to understand trends and make optimization changes, but lots of data can make it hard to focus. When you understand paid search objectives combined with metrics that matter, you’re better equipped to make profitable decisions. So get back in the driver’s seat — learn the basics of important and misunderstood metrics to propel agency relationship results.

Important Metrics
When online marketers talk about paid search metrics, they are referring to different measures of data generated from paid online marketing campaigns such as Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns for Google Adwords or the Search Alliance of Yahoo! and Microsoft Bing.

Average Cost per Click. Conversion Rate %. Cost Per Conversion. Average Order Value. These four factors track campaign success by profitable conversions. Leverage exact and broad match keywords for highly targeted click through rates to qualify shoppers and take you deeper into the sales funnel.

Conversion Rate. Cost per Conversion. Total Conversions. These three factors are the primary drivers of lead creation strategy. Drive qualified traffic to convert without skyrocketing costs. More importantly, track your target volume by making certain your bid prices are competitive to get the number of conversions your business demands.

Ad Copy. Keywords. Ad Position. When you advertise with PPC, you get instant feedback on the effectiveness of your marketing messages. To reach a wide audience, develop and leverage massive keyword lists with broad and phrase match terms. By targeting competitive keyword pricing and top ranking ad positions you will drive awareness and brand recognition.

Misunderstood Metrics
You’ve got a handle on the basics, but proceed with caution — the misunderstood metrics below can endanger your paid search efforts.

eCPM (effective Cost Per Thousand Impressions)
Impressions costs are the de facto standard. But are you comparing apples to apples? Don’t be fooled — comparing offline CPM to eCPM can lead to poor management decisions. After all, paid search impressions are FREE, so comparing a $100 eCPM Google SEM buy to a $75 CPM New York Times buy does not provide any value to marketing managers.

CPC (Cost Per Click)
We all hear of the perils of cost per click, but don’t be fooled: high CPC does not imply that the keyword is or is not working. If a marketing program requires an ROI of 4, then it should not matter if the CPC is $1 or $10, as long as the revenue is $4 or $40 respectively.
Focus on conversions to make every cent count.

Average Position
Hooray! Your search listing has reached #1. But don’t celebrate yet — in the long run, position is a poor metric of success. Instead, focus on ROI and profit to accurately measure success. And use average position to increase share of voice.

Number of Keywords
Think additional keywords cost more? Think again. Because you pay for the clicks keywords receive, each additional keyword does not cost more. The correct number of keywords is different for each campaign/product. Therefore, they should be measured by campaign profit and number of impressions received by an exact match search.

Brand vs. Generic Breakdown
Don’t give up on generic terms…often, they can introduce your brand and products to users. A user who searches for a type of product may not have a brand in mind, and that search creates the consideration set. While that user may not convert on the first visit, that click may ultimately be responsible for the final sale.

Improve Your Game

Whether you’re new to the paid search game or are bruised and battered from a consultant or agency relationship that went south, don’t give up the fight. Re-enter the game armed with the objectives and metrics you need to gauge the profitable results of your paid search investments.

Don’t go it alone. With Trada, your PPC campaign is cared for by a crowd of experts working together — writing ads, managing bid prices, and building massive long-tail keyword lists. Trada’s PPC experts already know all the strategies for driving brand, sales and leads, while giving you insight into the metrics that matter. This certified crowd displays a diversity of thinking that a single person could never achieve alone. And best of all? They’re paid on performance.

Ridiculously easy. Measurably better.
Powered by people.

We’d love to show you our crowdsourced PPC marketplace. Contact for a tour.

Duration : 0:56:35

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Aug 30

Paid search with Trada makes advertising online easy. In Trada’s crowdsourced PPC marketplace, you han have multiple paid search experts working on your campaign at the same time. Ads run on Google Adwords, Yahoo and Bing – and there are no fees.

Video transcript:

This is Niel. He runs a successful scarf manufacturing company. (BIG RED SCARVES).

Niel knows that the best way to promote his company and sell more scarves is to advertise online on Google, Yahoo and Bing.

But paid search is time-consuming and confusing. How can Niel think of all the search terms a potential scarf-wearer might use to find his product? And in order to be successful at paid search, he needs to spend hours every day adjusting bid prices, writing zillions of custom ads and strategizing. If he doesn’t do the best possible job, his competitors will rank above him while paying less. It’s the truth about paid search: unless you do it right, you might as well not do it at all.
But what if Niel could hire someone to do it for him?

What if Niel could hire a whole crowd of people to do it for him?

A whole bunch of paid search experts work on the Big Red Scarves campaign at the same time. They’re humans, and they each have their own strategy. Collectively, they have the diversity of thinking and time to optimize Niel’s campaign better than he ever could on his own.

Here’s how it works.

Niel works with Trada to determine an optimal bid price for a click, and for a conversion. In Niel’s case, this is a scarf sale on his website.

Niel launches his campaign in the Trada Marketplace. Right away, Trada’s Optimizers join Niel’s campaign and begin generating huge numbers of keywords and custom ads. And they don’t stop there. They constantly optimize Niel’s campaign to improve performance and generate more sales: stuff that Niel wouldn’t have the time to do.

Ads begin running on the Google, Yahoo and Bing Search Networks, and when an Optimizer’s ad gets a click or a sale for less than Niel’s stated bid price, she gets paid.

Here’s how.

Remember that Niel worked with trada to determine an optimal bid price for a click, and for a conversion? Optimizers work to get clicks and conversions below these prices. When they do, they keep the difference.

There are no setup fees and no monthly fees. It’s all pay-for-performance.

With the crowd of Optimizers working for him, Niel can get back to the important stuff – running Big Red Scarves.

Duration : 0:2:7

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Aug 26

Although recent reports indicate that the Microsoft-Yahoo Search Alliance is struggling, new updates from Microsoft’s adCenter hope to change this perception. The company announced that it was expanding its broad match and phrase match capabilities in order to help advertisers receive better results in their paid search campaigns.

David Pann, the General Manager of Search Networks at Microsoft, told us that these improvements hope to create a good consumer experience and also produce a greater ROI for advertisers. He said that advertisers could expect better targeting, better reporting capabilities, and an increase in quality traffic.

These improvements are expected to be rolled out in full over the next several months.

Duration : 0:14:16

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Aug 22

IHG Search Team – Paid Search is Optimiz’n It
SEO Training in Hanoi, Vietnam
SEO Training:

SEO basic training with
Each issue contains one main article and links to all important search engine news items of the week by

Duration : 0:3:1

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Aug 19

This is like installous for android!
This is definitely the easiest way to get free paid apps onto your android!
No root needed! No computer needed! Just right off your android device!

Instructions on how to download applanet:
1. Go to your browser/internet on your android
2. In the bar address type in and tap search
3. Install the application.

Follow us on twitter and you’ll stay up to date with us 😀 ——————-!/howtomen

Donate to us for more androd phones:

Duration : 0:7:5

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