Sep 06

I read a news article today about Bing It On, Bing’s blind test of its own search results versus Google. Their claim is that people choose Bing’s results 2 to 1 over Google when they don’t know what engine is returning the results. In their words, “People are surprised because of how deeply the Google habit is ingrained in most searchers—they are responding based on their habits rather than the facts.”

I decided to go ahead and give it a try to see if my own experience agreed with theirs. Certainly before the horrid Penguin update I would never have said that Bing’s results were better than Google’s. But now, after that miserable slap to Google’s credibility… how would I choose?

The Bing It On challenge has you run five queries, then shows two sets of results (with no name attached). You can pick which results you think were better, or call it a draw. You can try here:

Bing It On

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